The second wave of rallies were June-August. [17], Confrontations between police and protestors continued on 30 September in the village of al-Awamiya in Luxor, with a fatal shooting of a protestor. Bread protests were witnessed across Egypt for the second time in 2020. Toute l’actualité sur le sujet Egypte. The sequence of events started with troops and armoured vehicles arriving at the village. The funeral took place the same day. Les manifestations se sont déroulées à l’appel du dénommé Mohammad Ali, un entrepreneur égyptien en exil en Espagne. Protests were lead by released prisoners and pensioners who are hungry. Protest locations on 22 September included Giza, Faiyum, Minya, Luxor and Aswan. Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, "One 'killed' in Egypt as protesters demand el-Sisi resign", "Demonstrations in Egypt continue for third day", "Anti-gov't protests in Egypt's Giza amid tight security presence", "Protests against Sisi's rule break out across Egypt", "In rare protests, Egyptians demand President el-Sisi's removal", "Egypt: World leaders must act to stop President al-Sisi's repressive crackdown", "European Parliament resolution on Egypt", "Egypt: Largest wave of mass arrests since President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi came to power", "Writer and activist Alaa Abd El Fattah arrested from police probation", "Alaa Abd El Fattah and his lawyer recount humiliation and beatings in maximum-security prison", "Egypt: Torture of activist Alaa Abdel Fattah illustrates use of extreme brutality to crush dissent", "Online calls for anti-Sisi protests in Egypt may fall flat", "Egypt: Rare protests met with unlawful force and mass arrests", "Egypt braces for fresh anti-Sisi protests", "Egypt: Friday protests demand al-Sisi's departure",, "Egypt police kill Luxor man then shoot mourners at his funeral", "Clashes in Egypt's Luxor after police kill man for defending his father", "Macron speaks of 'existential' fight against terrorism after teacher killed in France",, "150 arrested on September 20 anniversary after small, scattered protests", "Sisi, Public Prosecution acknowledge protests after week of silence, 68 minors released", Timeline of insurgency in Egypt (2013–present),, Articles to be expanded from December 2020, Articles needing translation from Arabic Wikipedia, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Les manifestations ont attiré quelques centaines de personnes appelant à la chute du régime du président Sissi et à une nouvelle révolution dans le pays, après celle de 2011 qui avait provoqué la chute de Hosni Moubarak. Génocide de 1994 au Rwanda: trois Rwandais arrêtés en Belgique. [22], Rutgers University law professor Sahar Aziz described the protests as decentralised, with no leadership by known opposition groups. [citation needed], Anger and violent protests erupted against president Abdel Fatteh al Sisi and the wages of taxi drivers. Un hélicoptère des Garde-côtes s’écrase près de Bouharoun. Partages 0. NBC News Recommended for you. Ex-proche de Sissi qu’il accuse désormais de corruption, cet homme était à l’origine des manifestations qui se sont déroulées en septembre 2019 en Égypte, lorsque des milliers de manifestants étaient sortis dans les rues pour réclamer du président égyptien. [23], Khaled Ali and other lawyers stated that there was similar confusion to the arrests following the 2019 protests, with difficulty in contacting the detainees' families. The 2020 Atlantic Dermatological Conference provides attending physicians with an overview of new clinical developments in dermatologic care and an opportunity to view and hear discussions on a variety of clinical entities not commonly seen in dermatologic practice. Clashes were witnessed across Alexandria and in narrow suburbs of Cairo. In al-Hawarta in Minya Governorate, protestors pushed a police vehicle into a canal. UMSG sent the videos to Al Jazeera and to international media associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, including El Sharq TV. DW News and Middle East Monitor claimed that the protests against prices of bread, eggs and bananas were not the first for the year. Accueil Société Manifestation contre Paul Biya à ... 29 septembre 2020. The 2020 Egyptian protests , also known as the Gallabiya uprising, were decentralised[1] street protests in Egypt that started on 20 September 2020, the anniversary of the 2019 Egyptian protests, calling for Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to resign. [citation needed] The strike actions and the protest movement were peaceful and sparked by the situation. Des vidéos de manifestations sur les réseaux sociaux ont été diffusées dans d’autres gouvernorats tels que Louxor et Assouan (sud de l’Egypte), sans que leur authenticité ne soit confirmée. 29 septembre 2020. Ancient Egyptians believed death marked the beginning of a journey to eternal life. This video from Giza where protesters shout « the police are thugs »#ارحل_يا_سيسي, Clashes between protesters and #Egypt security forces in Elsaff, Giza#ارحل_يا_سيسي, Footage is flowing in from across #Egypt of protests taking place. A police officer shot Awais al-Rawi four times using a "side arm", once in the face, killing him. [citation needed], Mass detentions were made in 7-8 October due to protests against the economy. [10] Both were tortured in welcome parades in Tora Prison. [1], Videos posted on social media since September 20 appeared to show several very small demonstrations involving up to several dozen people in different parts of the country. Plus de 3000 personnes avaient été arrêtées dans le cadre de cette campagne répressive, notamment des personnalités connues pour leurs positions critiques vis-à-vis du pouvoir égyptien. For the second day in a row anti-@AlsisiOfficial protests take place in #Egypt. En visite d'État en France, le président égyptien Abdel Fattah al-Sissi devait se rendre mercredi 9 décembre à la Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (CIUP), afin de poser la première pierre de la Maison de l’Égypte. There has been no confirmation over deaths and injuries during the peaceful protests. ... 10/12/2020. Photo d'illustration. Police fired warning shots and teargas and arrested 20 funeral participants. Pancake protests was dispersed. Depuis son arrivée au pouvoir, il a permis à l’armée de reprendre le pouvoir qu’elle avait relativement perdu après la révolution de 2011, et durcit la répression contre ses opposants. Au total, les manifestations se sont produites dans seize zones différentes réparties à travers le pays. The rallies was dispersed with arrests and massive amount of force by security forces. [2] Among these, 150, including 14 minors according to the Belady Foundation, appeared at State Security institutions and were charged with "belonging to a terrorist organization, spreading false news, and misuse of social media. En parallèle, l’opposition égyptienne à l’étranger organise une série d’activités de protestation pour exprimer son soutien et sa solidarité avec le mouvement de protestation en Égypte, et pour exiger le départ de Sissi. From 12th July till 15 July, thousands across the nation rallied and protested peacefully against the regime and the decision to demolish illegal homes. Une vidéo tournée en Égypte montrant une jeune femme agressée et sexuellement harcelée par une foule d'hommes, à la veille du jour de l'An, a été déclarée authentique … The movements ended with a small-scale crackdown. Les Égyptiens renouent avec la contestation. The Egyptian authorities responded with 4300 arrests of protestors and lawyers. Londres : des dizaines de … An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced nine police officers to three years in prison after their conviction for beating to death a street vendor held at a police station. [1], On 23 September 2020, the number of people detained as a result of the protests was estimated as 200 by Middle East Monitor. All against the rule of president @AlsisiOfficial, I’ve noted down at least 16 different protest sites in different governorates. [5] Protests took place on 20–21 September 2019, after which Amnesty International described the Sisi government being "shaken to its core",[6] Protests continued on 27 September. The officer suspected of the shooting of Awais al-Rawi was suspended from duty, according to a leak from the prosecutor's office. Plusieurs vidéos circulant sur les réseaux sociaux ont fait état d’une participation relativement modeste aux manifestations. UMSG presented this as evidence that "enemy media" were careless in verifying the authenticity of their material.[24]. Lors d'une manifestation contre le proposition de loi sur la "securite globale", à Montpellier le 21 novembre 2020. Most of the rallies were held in Dishna and Giza. At the end of the month, water protests occurred after the shortage of water. [3] Protests calling for el-Sisi's resignation also took place in Suez, Kafr El Dawwar, Alexandria, Aswan, and El Qanater El Khayreya. [1], Mass protests in the Egyptian revolution of 2011 led to the demission of President Hosni Mubarak, the 2012 Egyptian presidential election won by Mohamed Morsi, the 2012–13 Egyptian protests against the Morsi presidency, the 2013 Egyptian coup d'état which overthrew Morsi, the August 2013 Rabaa massacre by the security forces and army led by general Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and an authoritarian government under Sisi, who was elected president with no serious opponents in 2014 and 2018. Egypte : un mort dans une manifestation anti-Sissi. 03/10/2020. ... 29 novembre 2020. [23], On 28 September 2020, the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms said that at least at least 382 people had been detained since 20 September. [17], According to Mada Masr, United Media Services Group (UMSG), which is owned by one of the Egyptian intelligence agencies (Mukhabarat, military intelligence, National Security Agency) and owns Youm7, prepared fake protest videos, including one of a would-be protest in Nazlit al-Samman in Giza Governorate. Publié le : 29/07/2011 ... 03/10/2020. [23], Four Warraq Island protestors were arrested in the Warraq Island protest ongoing since 2017. Shopkeepers and food products makers went on strike for 96 hours to demand the decrease of prices of all the products protesters are expecting the price decrease for. En Egypte, manifestation monstre dominée par des islamistes. A police officer insulted and slapped al-Rawi's father, who objected to the arrest. Les manifestations de taille moyenne se multiplient en effet en Égypte depuis plusieurs semaines. Egyptian protesters shout slogans as they take part in a protest calling for the removal of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo's downtown on Sept. 20, 2019. Dans cet entretien, il explique... Trois jours après sa victoire dans le derby madrilène face à l’Atlético Madrid (2-0),... Égypte : des manifestations anti-Sissi dans plusieurs villes du pays, Crash d'un hélicoptère militaire en mer : un mort et deux pilotes portés disparus, VIDÉO. ... Épidémie de Covid-19 : la maladie repart à la hausse au Maroc et en Egypte. Officials have targeted not only Islamist political opponents but … [21], Massive general strikes as part of the protests were carried out by farmers and fisherman and factory workers and taxi drivers from 29-30 October. Riots were reported by some and some have disagreed. Le maréchal Sissi a accédé au pouvoir en Égypte après avoir fait un coup au président islamiste élu Mohamed Morsi en 2013. Consultez l’ensemble des articles, reportages, directs, photos et vidéos de la rubrique Egypte publiés le mercredi 9 décembre 2020. En 2014, il se fait élire à la tête de l’Égypte avec 96,1% des suffrages, avant d’être réélu en 2018. The first wave of rallies were April-May. De nombreux policiers en civil se sont notamment déployés dans la capitale, fouillant les passants et vérifiant les pièces d’identité. The campaign, supported by Mohamed Ali,[3] called for el-Sisi to step down and for protests on 20 September 2020, the anniversary of the 2019 protests. On 28-29 May, lawmakers, locksmiths, workers, truckers, nurses, shopkeepers and farmers went on strikes to protest against the handling of the virus and corruption. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. The third wave of demonstrations and manifestations and remonstrations were in September-October. [4], Protests continued on 21 and 22 September. Massive protests and rallies were held in the middle of April against the price of fuel, eggs, bread, perfume, flowers, bread, rice, corn and bananas and also student and youths protested against the price of cakes, chips, crisps and pancakes and waffles. 211. [citation needed], Protests by Sudanese migrants and refugees against the brutal killing of a child was met with arrest and violence with tear gas and water cannon fired at the demonstrators. Z. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. Workers and disabled people demanded that the government should step up and work on to curb the virus epidemic in the country. Les rares manifestations se heurtent à un usage illégal de la force et à des arrestations massives. Alexandria’s Coptic Christians Suffer from Violent Hate Crime. This page was last edited on 11 December 2020, at 21:07. Les appels à manifester avaient été également accusés par les médias étatiques affidés au pouvoir égyptien de complot externe visant à faire chuter le gouvernement. Mourners chanted against the police and el-Sisi, calling el-Sisi "the enemy of God". New; 21:08. Egypt under President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has overseen the heaviest crackdown on dissent in the country’s modern history. reported the peaceful protests on 4-5 November. Les manifestations contre le Président Sissi continuent pour la troisème soirée en #Egypte, ici sur l'Île d'Al-Warraq dans le gouvernorat de #Gizeh. [13] Housing demolotions were another key factor motivating the protests in poor communities, both urban and rural. [12], A Twitter campaign with an Arabic hashtag equivalent to #We Don't Want You started on 29 August 2020 after el-Sisi suggested that a referendum could be called to dismiss him from the presidency if people were unsatisfied with his decisions. Ali argued in favour of a critical protest mass, stating "If five million people took to the streets, no one would be arrested at all. Baisse dinar algérien : quel est l’impact sur les ménages et les entreprises ? Textile workers and perfume makers went of strike in their hundreds. [18][19], Between 3rd and 6th October, massive demonstrations in governances against the government and poverty rates in the country spread with the injury of one person. Les Égyptiens renouent avec la contestation. Mourners kidnapped and beat a police officer. The strikes led to the injury of one man. VIDÉO. [14], Egyptian security forces attempted to prevent protests by arresting political figures, including Amin al-Mahdi, and activists, especially in Suez. The officer was released after hours of negotiation between police and tribal elders. Nouvelles manifestations anti-Sissi en Egypte. Ces deux dernières nuits, des centaines de personnes ont manifesté dans les rues de plusieurs villes d’Égypte afin de protester contre le régime autoritaire du président Abdelfattah Al-Sissi, rapportent plusieurs médias. These protests were carried out until 23rd October. [16][1] Civil disobedience techniques used by protestors included burning tyres to block roads. The rallies were held with no police apart from the end of the rallies. Ces deux dernières nuits, des centaines de personnes ont manifesté dans les rues de plusieurs villes d’Égypte afin de protester contre le régime autoritaire du président Abdelfattah Al-Sissi, rapportent plusieurs médias. 2 octobre 2020, 10:55 UTC. [4], In Aswan, security forces attacked the protestors, who set a presidential building on fire in response. [18], One protestor in the 25 September protests in al-Blida in Giza Governorate, Sami Wagdy Bashir, was killed, and three others were wounded, according to the human rights group Najda. Awais al-Rawi objected verbally about the treatment of his father and the argument escalated. Un lieutenant a trouvé la mort dans le crash d’un hélicoptère des Forces navales... Un hélicoptère de la marine nationale s’est écrasé dans la matinée de ce mercredi... Brahim Guendouzi est enseignant d’économie à l’université de Tizi-Ouzou. Manifestations en Egypte: "Briser le mur de la peur et du despotisme" ... 2020 | NBC Nightly News - Duration: 21:08. Au total, les manifestations se sont produites dans seize zones différentes réparties à travers le pays. Initialement prises de court, les autorités ont par la suite lancé une vaste campagne de répression. Karim Benzema : un doublé et une passe du dos, Tebboune s’adresse aux Algériens dans un message vidéo, Rapatriement : « Des avions d’Air Algérie rentrent avec des sièges vides », Change : nouveau record historique du dinar face à l’euro. Hunger arose in the nation double since the Coronavirus pandemic spread to Egypt so the protests were held. Protests started on 20 September in Giza and in several suburbs in Cairo, calling for el-Sisi to step down. Pour la septième journée consécutive, de nouvelles manifestations ont eu lieu dans les gouvernorats de Gizeh, Minya et Assouan. Des manifestations pour exiger le départ du président égyptien Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi ont eu lieu dans la capitale égyptienne et dans d’autres villes d’Egypte vendredi 20 septembre. Second day of anti-government protest in Egypt. "[15], On 25 September, protests took place in Cairo, Giza, Luxor and Damietta Governorate after the Friday prayer session, again calling for el-Sisi to resign. De nouvelles manifestations contre le président Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, accusé de corruption, sont prévues vendredi en Égypte. Authorities' reactions included live bullets and tear gas. [citation needed], Large-scale demonstrations on 26-27 October, scattered across the nation, kicked off[citation needed] after the French president, Emmanuel Macron described the murder of Samuel Paty as "a typical Islamist terrorist attack"[20] and said that Paty "was killed for teaching children freedom of speech". Anti-government workers strikes and anti-wages movements sprang up across Egypt against workers wages and their salary. Via @yasiremres, — Ali Özkök (@Ozkok_A) September 21, 2020, This was the scene just moments before #Egypt police arrived to disperse anti-government demonstrations in, — Jamal Elshayyal جمال الدين الشيال (@JamalsNews) September 20, 2020, Anti @AlsisiOfficial take control of a police vehicle in Giza – if these many small protests all gather and the anti-police and anti-authoritarian sentiment is consistent they will run over the police force ala 2011#Egypt, — Jamal Elshayyal جمال الدين الشيال (@JamalsNews) September 21, 2020. Cafes were forced to close.[3]. [11][12] Amnesty described the crackdown as the biggest during the el-Sisi presidency. The government hasn't contained the protests really until end of October. [7][8] Well-known arrestees included the Egyptian blogger, software developer and activist Alaa Abd el-Fattah, who had not participated in the 2019 Egyptian protests, arrested on unknown charges,[9] and his lawyer Mohamed al-Baqer, director of the human rights organisation Adalah Center for Rights and Freedoms. [2] In the village of al-Kadaya in Atfih, protestors refused a police objection to the holding of a protest by overturning a police car and setting it on fire. [2] The sixth day of protests, on 25 September, was called a "Day of Rage". A. Rédaction 1744 vues 0 Commentaire. [2], Calls for more protests continued, calling for a "Friday of Anger" (or "Day of Rage"[1]) protests. Elderly women and men and women protested against schooling and not free education for their children and students went to protest against fees with social distancing. Coronavirus - Mali : Communique N° 285 du 12 decembre 2020 du Ministere de la Sante et du Developpement Social sur le suivi des actions de prevention et de riposte a la maladie a Coronavirus Des manifestants ont été notamment recensés au Caire, à Alexandrie, à Suez ou encore à Gizeh. Police raided al-Rawi's home, trying to arrest Awais al-Rawi's younger brother. In September 2019, Mohamed Ali, an Egyptian construction contractor living in exile in Spain, circulated videos accusing el-Sisi and the military of extensive corruption and called for street protests to force el-Sisi to resign. The revolt was sparked by the decision to return lower wages than normal to these special workers. 22 Sept. 2020 à 11:41. The unrest led to a dispersal and then a sudden decrease of food prices. Mohamed Ali claimed that the numbers of protestors were rising daily. Dix autres ont été jugés coupables d'attaques revendiquées par le groupe jihadiste Ajnad Masr en 2014-2015, et deux autres pour une violente manifestation à Alexandrie en 2013. Le réveil de la rue egyptienne a commencé à faire parler dans la … Egypte : Plus de 1000 personnes arrêtées après des manifestations anti-Sissi Premier site d'informations de l'Afrique de l'ouest | [2] Protest locations included Cairo, Giza,[3] Suez, Kafr El Dawwar, Alexandria, Aswan, El Qanater El Khayreya,[4] Faiyum, Minya and Luxor. Both Al Jazeera and El Sharq broadcast the videos, presenting them as genuine. The protests was violent and led to the injury of 2 men in Asyut and Al Khankah. Heurts en Égypte lors d'une nouvelle manifestation contre le président Sissi à Suez 471 partages Publié le : 22/09/2019 - 06:53 Modifié le : 22/09/2019 - 11:21 [1], The uprising has been labeled the galabiya uprising due to the protests taking place mostly in rural areas and Upper Egypt where there is less security than in the main squares in big cities. Hunger strikes and demonstrations against lack of jobs and unemployment manifestations were held by 4000 civilians at the end of August, worker strikes were witnessed all across Egypt. Des manifestations à répétition en Égypte, la place Tahir sous surveillance Publié le 22/09/2020 - 14:32 Le Caire le 4 septembre 2020. The 2020 Egyptian protests, also known as the Gallabiya uprising, were decentralised street protests in Egypt that started on 20 September 2020, the anniversary of … Les manifestations hostiles au président Al-Sissi se multiplient depuis trois jours en Egypte. Cette fois-ci, les autorités égyptiennes ont anticipé les manifestations, déployant une très forte présence policière et faisant usage immédiatement de gaz lacrymogènes et de balles en caoutchouc pour disperser les premiers manifestants. Les préparatifs à la répression avaient même commencé plusieurs jours avant les manifestations annoncées. Le 12 novembre 2020 à 15h01, modifié le 12 novembre 2020 à 15h09. Learn more at Eternal Life in Ancient Egypt at the National Museum of Natural History, and explore related collections from across the Smithsonian. Anger rose up again. 27 septembre 2020 à 10 h 36 min. Tags: AP-Youtube. [18][19], A video of the funeral was posted under a trending hashtag with the Arabic equivalent of "Friday we're coming out in our millions." Bullets were seen fired at protesters, who threw stones and pelted eggs. Strikes and mass protests for 5 days at the beginning of June was witnessed and was severe. People in Kadiya in Giza Governorate, angry at the demolitions of buildings claimed by the government to have been illegally built, turned over a police truck. The food revolt was the worst unrest since July 2019. Spontaneous unrest was witnessed in the south for the first time since 2014.