The short stroke engines can be identified by their red air boxes and an “SS” designation in the Engine serial number. 2017 Radical RXC Spyder Price: Call for price. The car uses a Suzuki-based engine tuned by Powertec (now RPE ) which offered 1300 cc or 1500 cc versions and a maximum of 260 hp (190 kW) in the latter. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. Launced in 2001, Radical's next creation was the two-seater SR3, a car which could compete in international racing, such as the FIA's C3 class. Although the SR3 LM (Gen 1) and the RS (Gen 2) can be made street legal in the UK by adding the Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) kit, the SR3SL was designed from the beginning to be a road legal sportscar and received European Small series Type Approval, which allows it to be registered for street use in many European countries. There have been 3 generations of the SR3. It has Life Racing Paddle shifting that is integrated into the ECU, carbon fiber Le Mans mirrors, 54L fuel tank. For the second generation SR3 Radical offered two models to simplify the ordering and production process. However, there have been significant improvements to the cars since they were originally released in 2002 that affect the performance, maintainability, and value of the cars. 3) Also available was a low compression version of the carbureted Powertec Suzuki 1500cc that was rated at 230bhp. The SR3 XX is the first production race car to feature AiM’s … Read the full 2011 Radical SR3 SL review . ? Radical Sportscars SR1 SR3 SR8 RXC Spyder 600 R GT3 Tuning - Prospekt 2017. The Parking is a search engine for used cars, bringing together thousands of listings from all across the world. Air jacks are a convenient method for quickly and easily raising the car to do inspections at the track or to change wheels. Radical SR3 SL 2011 catalogue/katalog/folder. Radical SR3 chassis number 42 is a Black car with white graphics. Race cars require consistent maintenance and a car that has been driven hard or one that has deferred maintenance can add a lot to your total ownership cost. There are also some options available that enhance the driving / ownership experience. The RSX Front splitter / diffuser features a “double-tunnel” profile from leading edge to the rear where it integrates into the wheel arch leading edges for improved airflow. The Radical SR3 is the most road-biased car yet from this track-car company. 4) Find out how the car was used and maintained? The Generation 3 cars, known as the SR3 RSX, began production in 2015 and are still produced today. Because the shifting system and the ECU are integrated it has safety features built in that prevent the car from being shifted when a shift could damage the engine. In 2015 Radical introduced their third generation of the Powertec Suzuki Hayabusa engines. The engines were the new K8 version of the Hayabusa that had more power and came with fuel injection, dry sump lubrication systems and a significantly improved Engine Control Unit (ECU). In October of 2014 Radical introduced the 2015 Gen 3 SR3 RSX at the Circuit de Barcelona, Spain. The high downforce cars have a chassis mounted splitter that incorporate diffusers (raised section near the back of the splitter) which increased downforce. When buying a Radical I recommend you do these five things: 1) Buy the newest car with the lowest chassis and engine hours that you can afford. Prix et mensualité . With street cars the model year is very important because there are often considerable changes and upgrades every year. 600+ HP Ford Eco-Boost Full Carbon Body … You can read more about the SR3 RSX in this link to the 2018 sales brochure and Order sheet. Here is a little history on how Radical has evolved the SR3. There was also an optional Nose section available that incorporated an additional radiator for added cooling capacity. Intrax triple adjustable dampers – Have proven to be the most robust damper option. You can also compare prices, trim specifications, options, reviews, scores and recall history of every Radical model with similar vehicles. The power comes from a Powertec tuned Ford EcoBoost turbocharged four cylinder engine with direct injection and a six speed paddle shifted sequential gearbox that produces 300bhp and is capable of propelling the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds, with a top seed of 165 MPH. And sometimes you can find that a lightly used car can have deferred maintenance. The back of the car has a recontoured diffuser to reduce drag, and now has LED tail lights and larger diameter exhaust. Preferred minimum specification for buyers of Second-generation cars: The SR3 RS has revised aerodynamics that incorporated a raised nose design. The front crash structure was improved and strengthened to meet revised FiA safety standards. It is fairly common for cars to be advertised for sale with manufacture dates up to 5 years or more from when the car was actually produced. In may 2020 the car had 106.4 chassis hours and 0 engine / GDY hours (Engine / … Curb weight. 765 kg (1687 lbs) Dimensions. Because of … And we got the opportunity to drive it. Right hand drive. With proper maintenance all SR3s, even a heavily used car, can be reliable and fast. In short, it is worth paying a premium for a car that has been properly maintained and has a documented maintenance history. 3) There was also a high compression version of the carbureted Powertec Suzuki 1500cc rated at 252bhp available. 1177 was supported by One Motorsports in the North American Radical cup at Laguna Seca in October 2018. (note – the clear rear tail light lenses with colored bulbs was an option on the SR3 RS), The SR3 RS came with the AiM Pista dashboard which provided extensive data logging capability and the ability to add the AiM Smartycam system to make video’s with Data (speed, RPM, temperatures, track maps, etc) integrated into the videos. The SR3 RS had a revised front splitter with re-contoured diffusers (Raised sections at the aft end of the bottom) to increase downforce. Pre-Owned. Also, the brake cooling ducts were moved to the center of the car under the raised section of the nose. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Bowmanville, ON See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Don’t hesitate to use the parking to find the car of your dreams. One of the options that is very helpful is the Air jack system. The First Generation SR3s utilized a bespoke Radical Dash that displayed Oil and water temperatures, Oil pressure, Gear selected, speed, and RPM indicating lights. 2004-2005 “sellers claim”) 1440cc engine (K7 1300cc bored to 1400cc, and uses a K8 crankshaft and rods to bring it to 1440cc) for maximum power + endurance. Engine Hours since Overhaul : ~80 (estimated) Gelcoat Color : Grey. You can read more about the SR3SL in this link to the Sales brochure. The side pods have inlets to draw cooling air into the water and oil radiators, The side pods on the High downforce cars have vents behind the front wheels, in addition to the cooling inlets, which vent air from the front wheel wells to enhance the downforce created by the diffusers on the front splitter. Paddle shifting – There are several versions of the paddle shifting system available on the RS cars. research: radical Find your next car by browsing our extensive new and pre-owned Radical inventory from local Radical dealerships and private sellers. Sometimes a one-year old car that has been competitively raced can be in worse shape than a 5 year old car that has only been used for track days. It is important to research any car you are considering buying because race cars don’t have government Registration or other official documents that are required to stay with the car when it is sold, so it is very common for the details of a car, such as year of production and vehicle history to get clouded over time. Something went wrong. See more ideas about Radicals, Sports car, Car. Cars prior to 764, and cars that had paddle shifting added after delivery can have a version of the Life paddle shifting system that is not integrated into the ECU, or a system made by GearTronics. Because of the switch back to the original stroke, many of the Short Stroke engines have been removed from service and were replaced by the fourth generation Powertec Suzuki engines. The new “RS” model was named after the UK’s Rockingham Speedway where the SR3 won its first race. If you have more questions about these amazing cars spend some time on the Radical Forum (,,, C $26.51. The tray on the front of the Standard downforce cars supports the nose bodywork, however the aerodynamic splitter is attached to the nose of the car and not the chassis. Developed in conjunction with Radical’s long-term data partner AiM Technologies, the super sports car benefits from an all-new electrical architecture, allowing race and track drivers access to more data and feedback than ever before. The SR3 SL was designed to be a street legal version of the SR3. The latest evolution of the Radical SR3 sports prototype, the SR3 XX, is designed to be the flagship model of the brand’s best-selling race car. Pre-Owned. Because the front splitter in the standard downforce design was attached to the front bodywork, “off track excursions” often caused damage to the bodywork of the nose. But it is Radical’s first road car I’m here to see. Radical has fielded a street legal car before, of course. 100% AUTHENTIC! The SR3 was also Radical’s first use of their bespoke Quaife limited slip differential that replaced the chain drive on the Clubsport and Prosport models. Air jacks are a convenient method for quickly and easily raising the car to do inspections at the track or to change wheels. FREE RETURNS. So get the car that fits your needs, goals, and budget the best. SR3 RSX Sales brochure –, SR3 RSX Order sheet – The Generation 2 cars were known as the SR3 RS and were produced from 2009 through 2014. The addition of dive planes to the nose of the car helped increase downforce. Engine size : 1340cc. Supersport – The Supersport model has more desirable options available, improved safety and better track performance than the Tracksport. Radical is normally known for its giant-killing race cars, so how does its first-ever road car measure up? ... We hate to say it, but we've been here before with cars similar to the Radical SR3 SL. The dash was upgraded to the AIM MXL2 multifunction LCD dashboard and data logger which is more capable than the MXL in the SR3RS. Looking for a Radical SR3? Open-wheeler. Additionally, these data files can be emailed to Powertec for troubleshooting. Note, that the dive planes show on this car are from a Gen 2 car.

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