Il est conseillé aux voyageurs de vérifier auprès des autorités grecques les restrictions de quarantaine en vigueur au moment de leur entrée en Grèce.Toutes les autres infosÀ partir du 9 novembre, tous les passagers aériens sortants doivent également soumettre un formulaire de localisation des passagers avant le départ. Forced us to pay $60 a bag under the pretext that the bags would have to be ch caked. - Flights delays", Points positifs : "The staff so kind and comfortable seats then we have logical prices" pour moi c'est fini, une compagnie qui réduit les couts je peux comprendre, une compagnie qui n'aide pas ses clients est une honte, surtout en rejetant la faute sur vous. Points négatifs : "nothing in particular", Points positifs : "Great hospitality" On my way back, there was a delay, so", Points positifs : "Absolutely amazing service" Points négatifs : "Uncomfortable, no entertainment, have to pay for everything, arrived late, bathroom smelled like pee", Points positifs : "Équipage sympathique. Points négatifs : "The departure gate was far", Points négatifs : "The return flight was very turbulent, but mostly close to take off and landing. Vol Crète : Découvrez notre sélection de vol pas cher Crète et bénéficiez de promos vol Crète en réservant votre billet d'avion Crète à l'avance Points négatifs : "Food. ", Points positifs : "Easy jet always have got checking bag well points. Had an international connecting flight and by the time I needed to board, there was no room in the overhead and I had to check my luggage. Actuellement, 14 compagnies aériennes sont présentes à Aéroport international d'Héraklion Níkos-Kazantzákis. Points négatifs : "We give our tickets to board and they tell us we have to put our purse backpack in our suitcase. Points négatifs : "No problems", Points positifs : "Not full flight" Points négatifs : "Fire the person on front. Héraklion et la Crète. Les autres destinations les plus populaires sont La Canée (11%) et Sitia (2%). Note: print out your boarding card and check in prior to arriving to airport, otherwise it's an additional $40/pp. The employees of the airline in CDG were receiving contradicting information and letting the passengers know contradicting information. Vol pas cher Crète à partir de 117 €. ), got an empty seat to use for my baby, they didn’t break her stroller or car seat, they didn’t lose our luggage." Everone was mixed up, business, gold card, economy, and only one person doing the chekcing of boarding passes. -Print your own boarding passes, they charge 20 euro per passenger if they have to print it at check in. ", Points négatifs : "Flight was late leaving, boarding was unorganized. ", Points positifs : "Plane itself was OK" > Séjour > Voyages en Crète; Voyages en Crète. The airline should provide a vegan snack option for customers. Uno scandalo", Points positifs : "Personnel de bord très serviable" ", Points positifs : "The flight was on time." Points négatifs : "The seats were uncomfortable for this length of flight and space very limited. Points négatifs : "The food. Vol Crète à partir de 60 € avec la Bourse des Vols, spécialiste du déstockage de billet avion Crète. Le plus rapide reste le taxi qui vous y conduit en 10 min pour environ 20 €. Queued too long before we could board. I had to pay $1100 on another airline to fly home tomorrow. Points négatifs : "Way we boarded a b all together sucked. ", Points négatifs : "Flight was very delayed, there was almost communication. Résultat : 1h de perdu à Orly à l’arrivée. Aller simple en juil., plus de 50 sièges au 26/11/2020. ", Points positifs : "friendly service" Points négatifs : "Non-compliance with time", Points positifs : "Crew very helpful and happy to assist Good communication" So all was happy in the end. ", Points positifs : "Aegean Airlines improved a lot for the past six months. Points négatifs : "Absence de repas / collation offert (vol court donc ca passe ) Aucun divertissement", Points négatifs : "There is literally no way to contact this company, even with the pandemic going on, to cancel this flight. ", Points positifs : "The crew was ok. Venez les découvrir ! If they would have checked it in that would have saved 15 minutes easily", Points positifs : "Food was good and crew were helpful." Une fois le problème levé, l'enregistrement n'est plus possible car Transavia a envoyé le vol laissant tout les passagers restant sur le carreau. Points négatifs : "Travel from Frankfurt to London was quite late start . Points négatifs : "We had 4 luthansa flights in a week I appreciate that we were given a drink one up on BA ! We missed our flight. Bien qu’un grand nombre de touristes transitent par Athènes, beaucoup de compagnies proposent des vols directs pour l’aéroport international d’Héraklion Nìkos Kazantsákis au départ des grandes villes. Réservez au moins 2 semaines avant le départ pour obtenir un prix moins cher que la moyenne. Points négatifs : "There were no overhead screens with the video clips about Greece and its food...", Points positifs : "The crew" La somptueuse ville côtière Agios Nikolaos se situe à environ 63 km à l’est de l’aéroport d’Héraklion. Points négatifs : "When i read the baggage rate, its only 20 euro, when i got there its 40 euro the lady told me its cheaper on line cuz i was there 6 hours early. Points négatifs : "Volotea is a low cost airline that charges for early seat assignments, printing boarding passes, luggage and drinks on the flight. Mon Ground crew poor communication and rude", Points positifs : "The crew, leg room with seats! Cette version de notre site internet s'adresse aux personnes parlant français en France. Un vol direct depuis la France pour Crête dure en moyenne 17h 15min, parcourant une distance de 2255 km. They told us that they had just closed the opportunity to do this for free at the airport & we now had to pay the exorbitant fee or no boarding passes and no getting on the plane. Think they offered a better service on board", Points positifs : "Very helpful crew, good food." When reclined it's not possible to get out. ", Points positifs : "Short fairly cheap flight" Besoin d’aide ? Les voyageurs qui entrent en Grèce entre le 18 décembre 2020 et le 7 janvier 2021 doivent se soumettre à un test COVID rapide à l'arrivée et s'auto-isoler pendant 3 jours. ", Points positifs : "All went fine. For a long time I thought the flight was cancelled. All food and drinks were for a fee. Poor management from Volotea and very poor services from SACBO. BAD Business. Can’t wait for the return leg.....", Points positifs : "On time and soft landing" Points négatifs : "Not cancelling this flight and 5 other flights. Points négatifs : "Flight was one hour late. Points négatifs : "A poor todler who was crying because his ears were hurting. ", Points négatifs : "I had booked a day trip to London. Crew was great. Secondly a mix up at the catering dept like labelling beef meal as chicken should never happen! Never again......", Points positifs : "Flight from US got delayed and easyJet charged us full fare for next day flight." L'offre en ligne de vols disponible à consulter est plutôt importante. ", Points négatifs : "Disembarkation via buses. Le billet d’avion aller-retour le moins cher trouvé pour cette route dans les dernières 72 heures s’élève à 110 €. ", Points positifs : "Nothing really" ", Points négatifs : "To check a bag is about $75 if you do it at airport. Points négatifs : "Was delayed outgoing but information was good", Points négatifs : "The plane was delayed", Points négatifs : "Highly recommended for efficiency", Points négatifs : "This was a smooth as clockwork journey, the transit was easy and we were kept well informed about changes in the gate number", Points positifs : "Boarding was great. ", Points positifs : "Nice and efficient crew, clean plane and sits, sat in Exit row so quite comfortable", Points positifs : "the flight crew is very kind, the flight has been very pleasant, I'm sure I will be happy to fly with AEGEAN Airlines again" ", Points positifs : "I would tell the boarding man (C. ", Points positifs : "Arrived with enough time for me to connect to my international flight." Aller simple en août, plus de 50 sièges au 23/11/2020. But they didn't, we just carried them on and there was plenty of room. It's a scam on the Island. Points négatifs : "The baggage machine at Athens that my friend used seemed to be faulty when the same bag was checked on another machine it was kilos lighter. Points négatifs : "un petit encas inclus dans le prix du billet serait 1 plus ainsi que des prises usb", Points négatifs : "Décoller à l'heure...", Points négatifs : "La récupération des bagages plus que médiocre, 1h après que l’avion soit arrêté mais je pense que ça vient d’orly et ce sans info. we sat for an hour on our sits till we got an engineer to look at it and put sticky tape. $40 for a bag!! KAYAK parcourt des centaines de sites et vous aide à dénicher un billet pas cher et à trouver le vol qu’il vous faut. Points négatifs : "Dairy free option for snack. Points négatifs : "Limited space for long legs", Points positifs : "Ok flight" ", Points positifs : "Personnel were helpful, polite and spoke English as well as many other languages." In a nutshell, overpriced, and didn't get the seats on our boarding passes...", Points positifs : "price was great for our flight, otherwise it was like any other flight, nice attendants, nice clean plane, on time", Points négatifs : "Was delayed and had to cancel flight and book a different airline", Points négatifs : "attendant in the check in was horrible. plus, Les destinations les plus prisées de Grèce, Principales destinations au départ de Prague, Principales compagnies aériennes vers Crète, Sélection d'offres des compagnies aériennes vers Crète, Confidentialité et utilisation des cookies, Hôtels Marriott Autograph Collection à Crète, Hôtels proches de (HER) Aéroport international d'Héraklion Níkos-Kazantzákis, Hôtels proches de (CHQ) Aéroport de Souda, Vols en classe Économique de base vers Crète, Vols en classe Économie Premium vers Crète, Offres pour Olympic Air [NOT Olympus Airways]. Crète (La Canée) 91 €. But then you decided obviously not to send the smaller plane but did not bother phoning or emailing us customers as you had done the previous evening. Larger stock of drinks (Ran out of Beer). La haute saison est en janvier, novembre et décembre et juin est le mois le moins cher pour partir pour Crête. Merci Transavia! ", Points positifs : "Too short of a flight for food and entertainment! As a result, after seeking assistance from multiple employees—each of whom couldn’t have cared less—and paying the additional fee, I missed my flight (which was a CONNECTING FLIGHT) because they finished boarding early / closed the gates early. La ponctualité en général bien que cette fois-ci ça n'ai pas été aussi bien." Points négatifs : "Embarquement très long", Points négatifs : "Transavia est une honte, c'est un low-cost certe, mais il n'empêche j'ai souvent des problèmes avec eux et je voyage beaucoup. Then they made me pay 120 Euros and asked me to take the bag out to the plane. Trouvez des billets d’avion pas chers pour n’importe quelle destination de Crête depuis tous les aéroports de France. Stella Palace Resort & Spa 5* Vol + hôtel 7 nuits - … ", Points négatifs : "Faire respecter la consigne des bagages à main a tout le monde plutôt que de mettre les bagages des derniers montés en soute. Is it only in europe? Les 3 principaux aéroports en Crète sont ceux de La Canée (CHQ) à l’ouest, d’Héraklion (HER) au centre et de Sitía (JSH) à l’est. This dispute the plane having full sized overhead bins that easily accommodated the bags. Grece. ", Points positifs : "It was a very nice, standard flight. Now I’m waiting at the airport", Points positifs : "Great service, comfy plane, smooth ride. Points négatifs : "Norwegian nickle and dimes everything seats, foods, luggage entertainment non existent", Points positifs : "We departed on time It was cheap to check a bag", Points positifs : "Pas grand chose" Vol + Hôtel Crète Découvrez nos Séjours pas chers et réservez votre Vol + Hôtel dès 264€ ! Réservez des vols pas chers pour Crète : Recherchez et comparez les tarifs aériens sur Tripadvisor et trouvez les meilleurs vols pour votre voyage à Crète. Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed , no communication, no bus arrived at the gate to take us to the plane , no communication , no boarding process whatsoever , no communication , no apology offered , no in flight catering offered free or for purchase , a complete joke of a flight , my worst ever and I have flown all around the world including both poles ! Points négatifs : "Everything. Their lovely cutomer service then proceeded to tell me (as I embarrassingly wept and sobbed), that I must purchase a new flight ticket, before also happening to mention that seeing as though it was almost 12pm, they were doing me a favor by waiting for my decision since I was delaying them from leaving work, as it was the end of their shift. J'ai payé pour une place et on m'a changé de place d'office. The flight attendant told us we had enough time to make it to our next flight but I honestly ran from one point of the airport to the other. Par contre bonne info du pilote qui nous l’a signalé. Points négatifs : "Le site est perfectible. Points négatifs : "Check in was dismal: I arrived in plenty of time with just three people in front of me in the queue, yet nearly missed my flight because they were all checked-in so slowly. But then it's a no frills airline and the price was attractive. It's not a hard job, but they looked like they were struggling. The bin in which you have to fit your bag is smaller on Santorini. No other way around it. Now that I am trying to seek compensation via EU guidelines they are similarly evasive and not helpful. ", Points positifs : "Very nice crew! ", Points positifs : "The boarding crew was NOT so gentle when he seen my Passport nationality. Points négatifs : "Delayed", Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed. Recherchez d’autres vols pas chers à destination de Heraklion au départ d’autres aéroports dans les pages de notre guide de voyage. Our flight was around 2hrs late. EasyJet turned my long 16-hour journey into an exhausting and overall miserable 72+ hour journey due to their complete insolence. Vacances Crète pas cher avec GO Voyages: 6 séjours Crète. Paris - Héraklion est l’itinéraire le plus populaire avec un temps de vol moyen de 3h 30min. Dont u think 30 euro is a lot to pay for not chking in? Volotea DID find and deliver the lost bag on the 7th day. Points négatifs : "Poor gliding in and rough landing", Points positifs : "The notifications for the change of gates by Lufthansa." No complaints", Points positifs : "Crew was very nice and professional." Club vacances en famille, mini club et animations pour toute la famille ! Imagine, running out of wine in France! Choisissez si vous voulez voir les offres de vols vers Crète sans escale ou si vous voulez comparer uniquement les vols d'une ou plusieurs compagnies aériennes. Vol pas cher pour la Crète. Not great. Points négatifs : "Is horrible will not use kayak again we want to change the flight we were told not changeable", Points positifs : "Great crew. Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed by half an hour. Trouver un vol pas cher pour la Crète Destination touristique, la Crète est très bien desservie par avion et bateau. Menu. Any longer would have been difficult. ", Points positifs : "I love Lufthansa! Web site just says checked bags start at 15 euro, actual price was over 50 euro. Should have gone British Airways. Also, they don't have any chance to change or re-schedule any flight. Points négatifs : "Nothing", Points positifs : "Everything" Points négatifs : "Boarding. ", Points négatifs : "I was trying to extend my ticket but no one was answering my call last 2 days so I misssed my flight no refund nothing", Points positifs : "Short flight but staff very attentive, food good. We downloaded the app and the crew just scanned the app boarding passes. We were given a voucher to use at the snack counter for 10 euros per person, but when we got to the counter there was no food or wine left. Of course it didn’t fit so we are charged 60 euros!! Vol pas cher. ", Points positifs : "- Crew service was pleasant" Filtrez votre recherche de vol pour les vols à destination de Crète comme vous le souhaitez. I not only had to purchase a new flight, but also a hotel room, a taxi to the hotel since the airport hotel was fully booked, a taxi back to the airport from the hotel, and another train ticket, in addition to the obvious necessities such as food and water. Food is much better and so is the attitude of certain number of crew." Points négatifs : "The use of", Points négatifs : "Procédures d'embarquement pas conformes aux règles COVID", Points positifs : "l’atterrissage était parfait. Des vacances culture et nature. Ils seront ainsi récupérables sur votre adresse e-mail si vous perdez vos papiers ou si vous êtes victime de vol. Points négatifs : "no head support", Points négatifs : "It took ages to go through the security check, although I have mentioned that I have a flight connection that is due to leave nobody gave a s..t, so I missed my flight. La fréquence des départs augmente fortement durant la période estivale. It was no problem!

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